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June 4, 2007

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Introducing the EventPro Planner Bulletin

The EventPro Planner Bulletin will keep you better informed about software updates and breaking EventPro Planner Software news. Unlike the EventPro Planner Connection, our regular quarterly newsletter, we will send the EventPro Planner Bulletin any time we have important information you need to know about immediately. We hope you find the EventPro Planner Bulletin useful and informative.

Software Update

To download the latest Software Update, which includes the Enhancements and Fixes listed below, log in to Support. Click on the Downloads tab and click on the EventPro Planner Update V1.7 ( link.

  • There is now a ‘Reserved’ checkbox for tables and seats. This allows you to reserve tables or seats for an unspecified attendee.
  • An ‘Event Organization Calendar’ report has been added that can be printed from the ‘Organization Calendar’ print button
  • There are now 15 event roles instead of 6
  • The confirmation number will no longer be cleared if a reserved accommodation is edited and the reservation date or room is changed
  • The presenter name was not updating for a function when the name of the presenter was changed
  • Error occurring when a venue location name was longer than 30 characters
  • Error resulting from the customization of a ‘Company List’ report
  • Users that had the ‘Modify Assigned Events Only’ right were not able to edit assigned events
  • Users that had the ‘Create Booking’ right but did not have the proper modify event rights could not create a booking. Users now only need the “Create Booking” right to create a booking.
  • Users that had the ‘Delete Event’ right but did not have the proper modify event rights could not delete an event. Users now only need the ‘Delete Event’ right and either the ‘Modify All Events’ or ‘Modify Assigned Events Only’ right to delete an event.
  • The ‘Load Template’ button in the notes area of a communication was not showing the correct event letter templates
  • Error occurring when printing the ‘Function Seating Chart by Table’ report (Enterprise Only)
  • Error resulting from the customization of a ‘Function Seating Chart by Attendee’ report
  • Error resulting from the customization of an ‘Event Venue Setup’ report
  • When adding or editing records, required user fields were not being checked
  • The ‘Location Name’ for a function was not being updated properly if the ‘Venue Name’ was changed in ‘Event Setup’

A list of previous EventPro Planner Software Updates is also available on the Support website. Log in to Support and click on the What’s New link under the What’s New tab.

Attendee Online Updates


  • Now when making payments, the event code, event name, confirmation number and attendee name will be passed to the Payment Redirect page and can be sent to the Payment Handling page. The additional parameters are used the same way as the total parameter is currently being used at the top of the Payment Redirect page.
  • In the new Registration section of the ini file, choose how to handle time conflicts when registering for functions by setting the ConflictLevel item to 0, 1 or 2, where 0 = conflicts not allowed, 1 = warning shown, and 2 = conflict ignored
  • Go directly to the new registration page by passing parameters to the html link (i.e.