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May 1, 2008

Address: 105 - 15 Innovation Blvd. Saskatoon, SK S7N 2X8 Ph: 306-975-3737 Email: Sales@EventPro-Planner.com

EventPro Planner Version 2.0

EventPro Planner Version 2.0 has been released! Newly restructured and reorganized for enhanced performance, the new version of EventPro Planner contains many new and exciting features, which are described below.

Before updating to EventPro Planner Version 2.0, you need to contact Support at (306) 975-3737 (ext. 353 for General Support Inquiries) or Support@EventPro.net. Our friendly and helpful Support staff will guide you through the process of updating to Version 2.0. You may be able to download the update immediately, or we may advise that you wait until certain events are completed before proceeding. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, it may be necessary for you to postpone the update:
  • Have you imported any data yourself where the UniqueID fields may have non-hex values?
  • Do you use booths? Booths are now linked to exhibitors instead of attendees and everything must be billed and closed off before upgrading.
  • Do you have any external programs - i.e. Crystal reports, SQL Queries - accessing the data?
  • Are you in the middle of an event? Any interruption would cause undue stress on your organization.

User Manual Update

As you navigate through the exciting new territory of EventPro Planner 2.0, don’t forget to also download the new EventPro Planner User Manual by clicking HERE. The newly updated manual will be your guide to the new and enhanced features of Version 2.0, such as:

  • The new Event Setup area, accessed by the ‘Event Setup’ button in the Event Maintenance screen
  • The Event Setup Wizard available when booking an event
  • Audit Logging
  • Display settings, such as tab order and visibility
  • The new Exhibitor and Booth Module
  • The restructured Organization Calendar
  • The consolidated Finance area, which includes Invoices, Payments, Income, Expense, Budget and Negotiations
  • Enhanced Invoicing options
  • Function Table charges
  • Merge Fields in the Word Processor
  • Unlimited Status Codes
  • Expanded User Rights

When downloading the manual, take special note of which version you have selected. The previous version of the manual, intended for Version 1.7, will contain some information that is no longer valid for the new EventPro Planner Version 2.0.


Software Updates

Once you upgrade to Version 2.0, your software will be updated with all of the New Features, Enhancements and Fixes included in all versions listed below. If you have Attendee Online, you can also view those updates further below.

Our valuable Software Updates are only available to customers with a current Upgrade Protection Plan. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at Sales@EventPro-Planner.com or (306) 975-3737 (press 1 for Sales) to find out how to reactivate your Upgrade Protection Plan and continue to gain the maximum advantage from EventPro Planner Software.

Check for new updates or review previous updates at your convenience any time by logging in to EventPro Support and clicking on “What’s New?”.

  • The 'Function Attendees' report now has an 'Only show functions that have Attendees' option
  • Error sometimes occurring when deleting a location
  • Duplicate entries in many different setup tables are now being prevented
  • Error sometimes occurring when attempting to copy Setup Event Category templates
  • Error sometimes occurring when saving an Event Detail Item in Event Setup if that detail item had been added to a function (Enterprise Only)
  • Quantity checking was always occurring when saving an Event Detail Item in Event Setup, regardless of whether the 'Quantity Checking' option was selected for that item
  • Having more than 10 attendee statuses was causing a problem in Attendee Online setup
  • Problems were occurring if Event Budget income and expense "Sub-Category --> Items" with identical names existed
New Features
  • New Display settings are available in System Settings. The tab order, tab visibility and default tab can now be modified for most areas of the program
  • The Confirmation number was not adding properly on an Attendee import
  • Running ‘Update Reports’ from the Utilities menu was not working
  • Adding a location to Event Organization was not working
  • Functions could be added at an invalid time
  • ‘Update Communications’ was not working on various attendee reports
  • Attendee and Exhibitor registrations were not saving (Enterprise Only)
  • Reports run from the Report Menu were not loading the current Booking Number properly
  • Error occurring when changing an attendee to any Cancelled status (Enterprise Only)
  • Custom reports created from the ‘Event Booth List’ were not always working
  • Removing a Supplier from an Income/Expense item was not removing the link to the supplier
New Features
  • An Event Setup Wizard is now available after creating an event
  • ‘Select All’ functionality is available for check list boxes by right clicking twice on an item
  • Detail can now be printed for budget item reports
  • The Event Setup area is now accessed with the ‘Event Setup’ button on the Event Maintenance screen
  • Most custom reports were not printing
  • Registration availability was not updating
  • Table and seating availability was not updating
  • Accommodation reservation quantities were not updating
  • Some exhibitor report filters were not working
  • Guests were not adding correctly
  • Copy Template for Actions was not always working
  • The Booking Wizard was not skipping the Contract/Deposit page if it was turned off in System Settings
  • User fields were not updating correctly from Version 1.7 (Enterprise Only)
  • NOTE: Any Enterprise Edition updates must be done from 1.7 to or a later version
  • Dates were not updated properly for accommodations and travel
  • Problem occurring with the update
  • Merge letters and labels were not working properly
New Features
  • Comprehensive User Manual is now available
  • Exhibitor Module is now available
  • Audit Logging is now available. Adjust Audit Log settings under System Settings.
  • Unlimited Status Codes are now available
  • Added User Fields Groups to better categorize User Fields
  • Added a Finance tab to the Company/Contact area
  • Improved look and operation of the Organization Calendar
  • Invoices, Payments, Income, Expense, Budget and Negotiations are now all grouped under the Finance tab
  • Invoicing has been enhanced. Calculated, Manual, Deposit and Credit invoices can be created as a single item, a detailed list of items or manually entered items.
  • Percentage Invoicing is available
  • It is now possible to only invoice a certain type of item, which is done from the ‘Select items to invoice’ selection box on the Invoice Wizard
  • Added a Function View to Organization
  • Default Event Taxes are now available on the Event Edit form and during the creation of a new Event
  • Re-organized Event Setup
  • Split the Financial tab on the Event Attendee Edit form into Billing Information and Financial Information, allowing more flexibility in billing attendee charges
  • There is now a Tax mask on the Taxes tab in the Attendee Edit form
  • Moved Attendee Registration Taxes from the Event Attendee Edit form to the Registration Item Selection form, adding the ability to assign different taxes to each registration for an attendee
  • Table Charges are now available for Functions
  • Travel and Accommodation tabs are now found under the Attendees tab in the Event Maintenance screen
  • The Word Processor Merge Fields/Bands side bar is now a floating menu, which can be found under the word processor’s Insert menu  
  • Increased ‘City’ field to 50 characters
  • Increased ‘Country’ field to 50 characters
  • Increased ‘Suffix’ field to 50 characters
  • The option of adding a Communication or Action is now available when right clicking on the Single Company View | Company Contacts grid
  • The ‘Event Location’ field now has a drop-down list from which you can choose a City
  • Expanded User Rights
  • A Summary Statement can now be added to an Invoice by entering the statement in System Settings | Reports
  • Many reports have more Sort options, including Custom sorts
  • Function Notes are now available to print under the Function Assignment section in the ‘Attendee Itinerary’ report
  • Cc and Bcc for Communications can now be selected from a searchable list
  • Reports can now be added to a Communication
  • Action Edit has been re-organized
  • It is now possible to flag a Contact as Inactive
  • Added a checkbox to the Event Function Edit that specifies whether the function requires Seating Assignments
  • There is now a Search available for Invoices and Payments
  • Attendees can now be assigned to conflicting functions
  • Attachments can now link to anywhere, not just the pre-set path in System Settings
  • An Attendee’s gender is now displayed on the Attendee grids
  • A ‘Duration’ field has been added to Actions
  • The Calendar View in Organization was ordered alphabetically, but it is now sorted chronologically
  • When deleting an event date from an Event, the Start and End Dates were not updated properly
  • Reservations could not be extended after an attendee had booked a spot in that reservation
  • The sort order of the Detail View in Organization could not be changed
  • The Attendee Multi-Delete was not always working properly
  • New Attendees were always defaulting to Group Leaders
  • Event Delete was not always working

Attendee Online Updates


  • Using the ‘Edit’ button on the Accept or Decline page was not setting the attendee status to ‘Accept’
  • Using more than ten statuses would not always work correctly


  • Errors occurring when running on an Enterprise database


  • The ‘Edit’ button on the Accept or Decline page will now function as an Edit and Accept button


New Features
  • On the Submit Registration page, the user now has the option to add Guest registrations with his/her own details. Changes must be made to the RegSubmitPage.html template like the one in the ‘Reference’ template folder.
  • After an edit field is exited, spaces are stripped from that field so that required field cannot be left blank
  • When making a payment, more address fields are passed to the payment page


  • Updated Attendee Online to work with EventPro Planner Version 2.0
  • The Attendee Online database will now be updated automatically to match the database used in EventPro Planner


  • When uploading attendees from EventPro Planner, the attendance numbers would increase for each attendee that was uploaded when it should not have