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Aug. 5, 2008

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Software Updates

To download the latest Software Update, which includes the New Features, Enhancements and Fixes listed below, log in to EventPro Planner Support. Click on the Downloads tab and click on the EventPro Planner Install link.
Remember that Software Updates are only available to customers with a current Upgrade Protection Plan. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at Sales@EventPro-Planner.com or call (306) 975-3737 (Press 1). They can provide you with information on how to reactivate your Upgrade Protection Plan so that you can continue to get the maximum advantage out of your EventPro Planner Software investment.
  • Error sometimes occurring when adding, editing or viewing Attendee Registrations
  • Duplicate checking was not working properly on the Company/Contact Import
  • User field types for Attendee Online entry fields were not saving properly
  • Increased the speed of adding or editing an Attendee Registration Item
  • Error sometimes occurring when adding Merge Fields to letters or labels (Enterprise Only)
  • Printer settings such as Print Quality and Color/B&W are now respected
  • The ‘Set Filter’ and ‘Clear Filter’ buttons on imports were not available
  • Quantities were not updating properly for Function, Attendee and Exhibitor Requirements
  • User fields were not available on the Edit Online Information - Entry Fields tab
  • Exhibitor requirements were not available on the ‘Event Detail Items’ Report
  • Error sometimes occurring when filtering various imports
  • User fields were not available for some imports
  • Exhibitor pipelines that were removed from the ‘Event Attendees’ reports were re-added so old custom reports will still work
  • Error messages have been improved for the Organization Calendar
  • Adding a Detail Item on the fly from the Organization Calendar would not always put that item under the correct category
  • Copying or moving details from one function to another would not set the Start and End Times of the details correctly on the new function
  • The up arrow was not working on the General tab in System Settings
  • Error sometimes occurring when printing labels with an applied filter
  • Error sometimes occurring when printing the ‘Attendee Accommodation List’ report (Enterprise Only)
  • Error sometimes occurring when printing the ‘Event Summary’ report
  • When viewing the Booking Calendar by Event Status, the status sort order was not respected
  • There were display issues for users with limited rights
New Features
  • An ‘Event Overview’ report is now available
  • Could not extend a reserved accommodation if the reservation was full
  • Error occurring when attempting to save an accommodation that belonged to a reservation with a linked room
  • Error sometimes occurring when attempting to print labels
  • Error occurring when adding a new attendee from the Exhibitor Attendees tab and using the ‘Select From All Contacts’ option
  • Error occurring when trying to save a report filter
  • Selecting the ‘Auto Add to All Events’ option when adding an action would not auto-add the action to newly created events
  • Error occurring when trying to print the ‘Communication Log’ report
  • Event logo was not printing on some reports
  • Error occurring when saving a detail item if the detail item was created by right-clicking on the Organization Calendar and selecting ‘Add Detail Item’
  • Error occurring when clicking on the ‘View Detail’ button for budget items
  • If the ‘Bill To’ dropdown for a Company was set to ‘Other’, the billing information would not save if it was edited
  • The Report Template can be changed from the report dialog
  • The Event tab for a Contact was not showing the proper events with which the contact was associated
  • The Attendee Finance tab, which is needed to display income and expenses, was not available for users with the Budget module
  • Logged-in users were not showing up when selecting ‘Show Logged in Users’ from the File menu
  • Error sometimes occurring when attempting to save an Action
  • Error sometimes occurring when adding a new Location to the Organization Calendar
  • User fields were not available for some tables on the ‘Attendee Confirmation’ report

User Manual

Don’t forget that EventPro Planner now has two new help options: Local and Online.  In the Help menu, select Use Online Help or Use Local Help, depending on your preference.  If you are using Local Help, remember to select Help | Download and Update Help to ensure that you have the latest version of the manual.