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Sept. 11, 2008

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EventPro Planner User Manual Updated

The EventPro Planner User Manual has just been updated to be current with Version of the software.  If you use Online Help, you will automatically access the latest version of the manual.  If you use Local Help in the program, go to the program now, click on the Help menu and select Download and Update Local Help.  A PDF version of the manual is still available on our website, but it is highly recommended that you use our Online or Local Help.
You will notice some new features in the updated manual.  First, we have added a new section called “What’s New in Help”.  It will direct you to the sections of the manual that explain how to use the latest new and enhanced features.  (Remember, you can check out the latest changes in EventPro Planner by selecting Help | What’s New from the main menu in the program.)  Second, you will notice that much of the text is contained under toggled headings.  Whenever you see headings with arrows before them like this...
Click on the heading to expand the text below.
Click on the heading again to collapse the text and create more room on your screen.
Refer to Navigate Help in the manual for detailed instructions about navigating through the EventPro Planner Manual.