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Nov. 9, 2010
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New Module: Online Registration Convenience with the New Attendee Online

The New Attendee Online Version 3 for EventPro Planner is here!  What can this great new module do for you?

If you already have a previous version of Attendee Online, you know how handy it is for collecting attendee registrations. You will be impressed with how much more the new Attendee Online can do. Switch to Version 3 today and take your Online Registrations to a whole new level. (Important! Make sure you meet the new Attendee Online's System Requirements. Click Here.)

If you don't have Attendee Online yet, the new Version 3 is a great place to start! You know it's a pain to register attendees. Let attendees take the work off your hands by registering themselves with Attendee Online.

Here are just some of the fantastic new benefits in Attendee Online Version 3:

Look Great. Your Online Event Registration website will look sleek and professional with Attendee Online's new interface.

Customize. What's the event vibe? Let your Registration Website speak for itself. Customize your pages for each event by adding a logo, choosing a new color theme and changing page descriptions.

Collect. Get the information you need for each event with the easy-to-setup registration forms. Select entry fields, show/hide pages, and enter descriptions - No special programming skills required!

Book.  Just imagine that you don't have to record each painstaking detail for each attendee's travel and accommodation reservations. Now, open your eyes - it's real! In the new Attendee Online, you can allow attendees to enter their own travel and accommodation details, or select from travel and accommodation reservations pre-configured in the event in EventPro Planner - the choice is yours.

Provide.  Will attendees need special equipment for the event? Let them tell you. The new Requirements page allows registrants to select items from Event Resource Setup.

Help.  Getting too many "How do I do this?" calls? Give your registrants a virtual helping hand with your own customized User Help pop-ups in your online registration pages.

Notify.  New easy-to-setup notifications will automatically confirm registrations for attendees and any other interested parties you define.

Get Paid.  The new and improved payment system is now much easier to set up and use.

It's hard to describe everything the new Attendee Online can do. If you want to see it in action, book a free consultation with our Sales Team or visit the Attendee Online page of the EventPro Planner website for examples. Call (306) 975-3737 (Press 1) or email Sales@EventPro.net today.