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Dec. 3, 2010
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New Add-On: Don't Miss a "To-Do" with New Automated Task Notifications

You’re going about your day, managing your events and feeling great when suddenly... you realize that you forgot to do something really important. Yesterday.  Oh, that sinking feeling. If only someone had reminded you!

Well, lament no more, because the new Task Notification Service for EventPro Planner Software's Enterprise Edition* will ensure that nothing falls through the cracks again.

As you know, you can set up “Actions” in EventPro Planner – reminders of impending tasks. Now, the new Task Notification Service will scan EventPro Planner looking for Actions that are upcoming, started and overdue.  When triggered, notification emails are automatically sent off to the designated user or user group.  Notifications of overdue Actions can repeat at set intervals until the task is done.

Stay in the loop and make sure tasks get done! With the new Task Notification Service, you can banish “We missed the deadline?!” and many more exclamations of dismay from your vocabulary forever.

Contact our friendly and helpful Sales Representatives today for a free demonstration and quote.  Call (306) 975-3737 (Press 1) or email Sales@EventPro.net.

*The Task Notification Service is available in the Enterprise Edition of EventPro Planner Software only.  If you have any questions about the Enterprise Edition, please contact our Sales Representatives.