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January 4, 2011
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New & Enhanced Features from 2010

Our developers are constantly enhancing EventPro Planner Software's functionality with new features.  If you can’t remember all of the great new features added to EventPro Planner last year, we have a complete list below.

If your software hasn't been updated lately, take a moment to visit the EventPro Planner Support Website and download the latest version.

Remember, in order to take advantage of EventPro Planner's regular software updates, you must have a current Upgrade Protection Plan. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, please contact our Sales Department at (306) 975-3737 (Press 1) or Sales@EventPro-Planner.com for a quote to reactivate your contract.

If you want to learn how to use the new features in EventPro Planner, our EventPro Planner User Manual is constantly updated to incorporate the latest additions.  If you would like a more in-depth, instructor-led learning experience, we also offer EventPro Planner Training, onsite or online, to help you maximize your knowledge and work more efficiently in the software.

New and Enhanced Features (up to and including Version
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System Settings  
  • You can now add Companies and Contacts using the New Company Wizard and New Contact Wizard.
Event Booking
  • There is now an option to copy Function Itinerary Items when creating a New Event from a past event.
Event Organization
  • Calendar
    • Adding a Location to the Organization Calendar more than once in one day will now create only one column with the relevant times highlighted, instead of a separate column for each time.
    • Calendar Settings can now be accessed by right-clicking in the calendar.
    • You can now choose to show or hide Venues/Locations on the Calendar View, change the sort order, and save your preferred view as a Template.
  • Views
    • There is a new Show All Days option on the Function View and Detail View.
    • There is a new Search in the Function View.
  • Functions
    • Add Functions and Create New Functions directly on the Organization Calendar.
    • View Function time/date/location listings from the Calendar Event Setup column, and double-click a Function listing to view it on the Calendar.
    • View Function Attendees in the Calendar.
    • You can now change the date of a Function on the Organization Calendar from the Event Function Edit form.
    • The Event Function form now displays the Booked From/To Times of the selected Location.
  • Itinerary
    • Itinerary Notes have been moved to the front General tab of the Itinerary [New] and [Edit] form.
  • Resources
    • View Resource time/date/location listings from the Calendar Event Setup column, and double-click a listing to view it on the Calendar.
    • Resource Items can now fall outside of the booked times of a Function.
  • Attendees
    • Attendee Assignments and Function Attendees detail grids have been added for viewing in the Event Function Edit form.
    • Function Attendees can be viewed on the Organization Calendar by right-clicking on a function and selecting the Function Attendees option.
    • It is possible to add Attendees from the Function Attendees window if the function belongs to only one Registration Group.
    • You can now Register Attendees in the Organization Tab.
    • You can now Mail Merge Function Attendees in the Organization Tab.
    • Attendees Assignments can now fall outside of the booked times of a Function.
  • Registrations and Functions
    • A new Overbooked Functions dialog that appears when you save Attendee Registrations informs you of any functions that have been overbooked.
    • A prompt will warn you if the Maximum Attendance for a Function will be exceeded by the Attendee Registration you are about to save.
    • You can now Expand and Collapse items in the Registration Item Selection window, making it easier to view all of the registration groups available.
    • You can now import Attendee Function Registrations from external files.
  • Finance
    • View an Attendee's Charges when saving the attendee's registration by clicking the new Save and View Charges button.
    • View an Attendee's Charge Summary under the attendee's Finance tab.
  • Seating/Table Arrangements
    • You no longer need to hold down the CTRL key when dragging and dropping attendee names onto Seating Arrangements.
    • Add new Attendees and Guests from the Event Function Seating window.
  • Travel/Accommodations
    • Attendee Arrival and Departure Dates can be automatically updated to Travel or Accommodation dates.
    • A new prompt can ask what type of Accommodation Record you want to add to Attendees: Open or Reservation.


  • You can now assign Multiple Exhibitors to a booth at the same time by selecting the Ignore Conflicts flag on the booth in Event Setup.
  • When you switch a booth assignment from one exhibitor to another, the new Changing Booth dialog allows you to choose which booth changes you want to keep and which settings you want to return to the Event Setup defaults.
  • Communications that are attached to Exhibitor Attendees will now appear on the Exhibitor Communications tab.
  • The first and last names of both the Main Exhibitor Attendee and Main Company Contact have been added to the Exhibitor List View screen.
  • The Event Name column has been added to applicable Action selection grids.
System Settings
  • There is a new Attendees tab in System Settings, with settings specific to Attendees.
  • Mail Merge Settings have been moved to the Communications tab of System Settings.
  • EventPro Planner now supports Gmail.
Letter Templates
  • Letter Templates can now be attached to Communications as a PDF or RTF.
Mail Merging
  • The Mail Merge has been improved, which will allow for more merging options in the future.
  • Invoice and Payment tables have been added to the Mail Merge.
  • A Function Assignment merge dataset is now available for Attendees.
  • Attachments can now be added for Attendees, Exhibitors, Companies and Contacts.
  • There is a new Resource Inventory Usage report.
  • There is a new Exhibitor Balances report.
  • The Company Contact dataset has been added to the Exhibitor Confirmation report.
  • You can now import from both .xls and .xlsx Microsoft Excel files.