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EventPro Planner Features from 2011

Our developers are constantly enhancing EventPro Planner Software's functionality with new features. See the complete list below to see what we've added this year alone!

New and Enhanced Features

(up to and including Version

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Attendee Online Finance
Attendees Mail Merging
Companies/Contacts Reports
Event Booking Setup/System Settings

Attendee Online

  • When publishing events the Attendee Online transfer will include tax information
  • There are now default guest status' and types in the Event Online Information area allowing you to preset your attendee types and status for your Attendee's guests
  • You now have more page options when Editing Online Event Information. You now have the option to use Review, Accept/Decline, Accept Success, and Decline Success registration pages.
  • Attendees will now be set to a Successful Payment Status when a payment has been successfully applied online


  • The Table checkbox has been changed to a Table Quantity edit on the Event Attendee Registration edit screen so users can now set the number of tables purchased separate from the number of total people sitting at the purchased table and have that total people quantity reflect on the function attendance count
  • Users now have the ability to multi-select status at the bottom of the Attendee and Exhibitor list screens by using the 'ctrl' button
  • Added a Default company name when adding GUEST to Attendee System Setting


  • It's now easier to find and link people in the Company/Contact area with the Related Contacts option
  • A new Attendee Guest Wizard was added to best utilize related contacts
  • Added a Default Company Name to Main Attendee's Company Name option to the Guest wizard, this option will always default to the 'Default company name when adding GUEST to Attendee' System Setting  

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Event Booking

  • You are now prompted when moving an event on the Booking Calendar
  • Added a Relation area to the Setup List Items


  • Added Invoice Detail and Payment Detail grid to the Invoice tab and a Detail grid to the Payment tab in the Finance areas
  • An Online Payment Method field has been added to the Payment Types area for mapping online payments in Attendee Online

Mail Merging

  • You can now use the 'To' field or the 'BCC' field when using the Mail Merge Wizard to select how a group e-mail will be sent

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  • You can now select Event – Organization Function User Fields in the Event Fuction pipeline within the 'Event Venue Setup' Report for enhanced reporting
  • Function attendees pipeline has been added to the 'Attendee Itinerary' Report for enhanced reporting
  • Added an EventFuctionDetailSupplierContact pipeline to the 'Daily Function Overview' report for enhanced reporting
  • Added Exhibitor user fields to all exhibitor reports for enhanced reporting

Setup/System Settings

  • Increased size of the item field in the 'EventReg' and 'SetupEventCatReg' tables to accommodate more data
  • Registration Group Find now remembers when the 'View All' check box has been selected
  • You can now select an Update Future Events option within the Setup Action edit. This option will add the current action to all Events that happen after the current day.
  • If you use the CyberSource payment method in Attendee Online, you now have the option to preauthorize only
  • You can now change the caption of the Pay Now button in Attendee Online
  • Created a prompt to add a GUEST after creating an Attendee system setting

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