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Volume 2, Issue 1
January 2008

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This Issue:
What's New? A Year in Review
Software Training: Increase Productivity, Save Valuable Time
Software Update: Version 2.0
Feature in Focus: Booths and Exhibitors
Helpful Hint: How to Create Invoices
Did You Know? Track Attendee Communications

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What's New? A Year in Review

Providing superior customer service is our primary goal at EventPro Planner Software. In 2007, we implemented the following new initiatives in these departments to better serve you, our valued customers.
  • Support: The number of Support staff has increased in order to dramatically improve response times and keep you in contact with a live human voice whenever possible. Support documentation has improved with an up-to-date comprehensive User Manual and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) available on our website.
  • Sales: The Sales team created automated contact schedules that help them follow up with each customer after purchase in order to proactively address emerging concerns, ensure successful product deployment and stay informed about customers’ evolving needs.
  • Development: The Development team now releases major software updates with new features on a twice-yearly schedule that allows us to consider customer suggestions, implement new ideas and thoroughly test the changes, ensuring that you receive the best update for your software on a regular basis.
  • Administration: By upgrading the customer relationship management software and phone system, we have reduced the waiting time for scheduling training and providing administrative assistance.
  • Marketing: With the introduction of the EventPro Planner Connection, you can stay connected to the latest EventPro Planner Software news, updates and support information. The EventPro Planner Bulletins ensure that you get the important breaking news you need immediately.
Now in 2008, we want to get to know you better! In the New Year, we will be featuring selected clients in our Customer Spotlight. If you would like to tell us how EventPro Planner has gained an advantage for your business, we would love to hear from you at Feedback@eventpro.net. Perhaps you could be in the spotlight next… If you have any other comments or suggestions about the EventPro Planner Connection, send them to Feedback@eventpro.net. We look forward to hearing from you!

Software Training: Increase Productivity, Save Valuable Time

In the business world, we know that Time is Money. It is important to get things done in the most efficient manner possible. Right now, you may be overlooking something that can save you valuable time: EventPro Planner Training.
EventPro Planner Training is an excellent way to Increase Productivity through more efficient use of EventPro Planner Software. When you maximize your knowledge of EventPro Planner, you can work faster, reduce repetition, automate procedures and optimize your database to improve performance. Our EventPro Planner trainers will teach you the expert tips you need to gain the maximum advantage from your software investment.
Even if you have received training before, supplemental training is still a great resource for your company. With our twice-annual Software Updates, we are constantly adding new features and benefits that you may not know about. A Refresher Course will take your EventPro Planner skills to a whole new level and help you complete even the most complicated event planning task with Confidence. If you have had Staff Turnover and need to train new employees working with EventPro Planner, our expert trainers will get them started and bring them up to speed.
There are two options for EventPro Planner Training:
  • Onsite Training sessions are conducted in the comfort of your own facility with a class size of one to six people to allow for hands-on instruction. Our trainer specially customizes the session to cater to the needs of your organization and staff members.
  • Online Training sessions are conducted through the internet and telephone with an individual or small group from your company. Online meeting technology allows the trainer and trainees to share a computer screen, essentially replicating an in-person environment.
Don’t miss this opportunity to save time and gain a competitive advantage for your organization. For more details or a quote, contact our Sales Department today at Sales@EventPro-Planner.com or (306) 975-3737 (press 1 for Sales).

Software Update: Version 2.0

The latest Software Update for EventPro Planner Version 2.0 will be available January 28. Because some areas of the program have been restructured and reorganized for enhanced performance, this software update will not be available on our website like usual updates. To request this update after January 28, please contact Support at (306) 975-3737 (ext. 353 for General Support Inquiries) or Support@EventPro.net. You will just need to answer a few brief questions so we can ensure that the timing of the update is best for your organization. You may be able to download the update immediately, or we may advise that you wait until certain events are completed before proceeding.

EventPro Planner Version 2.0 will contain many new and exciting features that make it more powerful and comprehensive. Our valuable Software Updates are only available to customers with a current Upgrade Protection Plan. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at Sales@EventPro-Planner.com or (306) 975-3737 (press 1 for Sales) to find out how to reactivate your Upgrade Protection Plan.


Feature in Focus: Booths and Exhibitors

Do you plan Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Fairs, Conferences, Festivals or any other kind of event that involves Booths and Exhibitors? Then you need EventPro Planner’s Booth Module, recently reorganized and enhanced in Version 2.0 (available January 28) to better help you manage every detail related to exhibitors and booths. With this module, you can set up general booths for each event, defining the Booth Type, Dimensions and Detail Items for each, or use the “New – Multiple” function to create several booths simultaneously. When you later assign a booth to an exhibitor company, you can adjust the booth supplies, characteristics and rental dates according to the requirements of the specific exhibitor. It is easy to set the rental fees exactly how you want them, whether you use pre-defined default charges, create an entirely new charge for an exhibitor or provide a special discount.

Many other features in the Booth Module will make your job easier. Registration Packages help you keep track of which exhibitors will be attending the event. The Mail Merge allows you to send out personalized letters or emails to numerous recipients in one easy easy-to-follow wizard. Communications and Actions ensure that you stay in touch with the exhibitors and complete all the required tasks within the deadlines. The newly updated Finance section allows for adjustable third-party billing, batch invoicing, invoice mail merge and other flexible, convenient invoicing options. To ensure that you can easily find the records you need, the Booth Module stores all of this related information in one convenient folder within the event.
If you are involved with planning tradeshows or similar events, what could be better for your business than a tool specifically designed to manage Booths and Exhibitors with ease? To see how the Booth Module can keep your events running smoothly, contact our Sales Department for a Free Demonstration. Call (306) 975-373 (press 1 for Sales) or email Sales@EventPro-Planner.com today. The Booth Module will be available with EventPro Planner Version 2.0, to be released on January 28.

Helpful Hint: How to Create Invoices

Q. How do I create invoices that are a percentage of total charges, or which can be deducted from future invoices?

A: With the new EventPro Planner Version 2.0, you will have many new options that will meet all of your invoicing needs. You can create Automatic Invoices that automatically calculate the total for all chargeable items, allowing you to quickly and easily invoice for the total amount, certain items only or a percentage of the charges. If time is of the essence, you will not be restricted to creating one invoice at a time. With the Batch Invoicing feature, you can create multiple invoices for all events or all attendees/exhibitors in an event with one easy-to-use Invoice Wizard. If you want more flexibility in creating invoices, you can also create Manual Invoices, which begin blank or can pull in a line item for a percentage of total charges. Special Deposit Invoices allow you to deduct amounts from future automatic invoices. For example, if you create a manual deposit invoice for an event, and later create an automatic invoice for the event charges, you will have the option to deduct the amount of the deposit invoice from the event charges invoice. Finally, Credit Invoices allow you to credit a customer for items that were invoiced but for which you will not receive payment, eliminating the need to void and recreate invoices if an item must be removed from the total charges.

Create invoices for any circumstance with the newly reconstructed Finance module in EventPro Planner Version 2.0, available January 28. See Software Update above. When the new update is available, you can consult the detailed EventPro Planner User Manual, Chapter 10: Finance, for extensive instructions on creating Invoices and Payments of every kind.

This is just one of many FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
included on our website. Have a Question? Check out the FAQs here.
The answer you need may be just a click away!


Did You Know? Track Attendee Communications

Did You Know …that the Linked Criteria Filter allows you to determine which attendees have or have not received certain communications? The key to using Linked Criteria is to create a system of Communication References and use them consistently. For example, in your Lookup Tables, you could create a Communication Reference called “Confirmation Sent”. Then, each time you send a confirmation email to an attendee, you must select “Confirmation Sent” as the communication reference. Later, if you create a filter in the Filter Criteria window, with the intention of viewing attendees who did not receive a confirmation, you would select the Communication Reference of “Confirmation Sent” in the Communications tab and select Exclude from the Linked Criteria drop-down list in the Attendees tab. The resulting view will display attendees who do not have a “Confirmation Sent” communication in their records, therefore creating a list of attendees to whom you must send confirmation emails. If you want to see attendees who received the confirmation communication, you would Include the linked criteria.

You may have hundreds of attendees and thousands of communications in each event. Use the Linked Criteria Communications Filter to ensure that important communications don’t get lost in the shuffle. Learn how to take control of communications in the EventPro Planner User Manual at Overview: Common Functions, Filter Information and Chapter 1: Setting Up EventPro Planner, Step 4: Lookup Tables, Add Records: G. Communication References.

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