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Volume 2, Issue 2
May 2008

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This Issue:
What's New? EventPro Opens Australia Branch
Feature in Focus: Assigning Tables and Seating Arrangements
Software Update: Version 2.0
Helpful Hint: How Do I Find a Record in the Find Window?
Did You Know? Use Mail Merge to Promote Business

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What's New? EventPro Opens Australia Branch

EventPro Software is pleased to announce the establishment of a new branch in Australia. The Australian branch will provide software sales and support services for EventPro, EventPro Planner and PMXpert Software customers in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Asia.

Steve Mitchell, CEO of EventPro Software, anticipates that customers will notice the benefits of the new branch. “With the Australian branch, our customers will now have direct access to EventPro Software’s expertise and commitment to superior customer service,” said Mr. Mitchell. “The Australian branch will be fully backed by our Canadian head office, which can provide the knowledge and experience gained from over twenty years in the software industry.”

Mr. Mitchell also expects the new branch will be a base from which to pursue new business opportunities. “This is an exciting time to increase EventPro’s presence in the Eastern Hemisphere. With the assistance of the Australian branch, we look forward to expanding sales and services in Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific and Asia,” said Mr. Mitchell.
Glen Smallwood will be managing the new branch in Australia. Mr. Smallwood has worked as an EventPro Software Business Analyst for three years, and brings to the branch a wealth of experience in software support, training and customer management. Also joining the Australian branch is Debbie Russell, in sales and distribution, and Luke Simons, in implementation and training services.

Feature in Focus: Assigning Tables and Seating Arrangements

Planning a seating arrangement for an event can be a time-consuming headache. Just when you get everything right, a guest drops out or another two attendees are added, and it’s back to the drawing board. Instead of struggling with this mundane task for one more minute, let the Tables & Seating Feature in the Attendee Module of EventPro Planner take care of seating arrangements for you!

It is so easy to set up tables of any capacity for an event function. With the New-Multiple option, you can add as many tables as you need in one easy step. Tables are automatically assigned numbers and basic names, but if you have a special themed event, you can even give a unique name to each table. For example, perhaps the wedding you are planning has a “Flowers of Spring” theme; guests can be assigned to the Tulip Table, the Iris Table, the Daffodil Table, and so on.
Once Attendees are registered to attend an event function by using Registration Packages, you will be able to assign those attendees to tables and seats. If attendees are not yet registered for the function, but you know that you must save certain seats or tables for special VIP guests, you can reserve seats and/or tables in advance. Once attendees are registered for the event function, all of the function tables, seats and attendees will appear in one Event Function Seating window. You simply need to drag and drop Attendee Names onto the correct seats. No more shuffling tiny pieces of paper on a chart! If an attendee drops out, just drag and drop the attendee off the seat. If new attendees are added to the function, their names will automatically appear in the Event Function Seating window, and you can drag and drop them into place. EventPro Planner will automatically keep track of how many seats are assigned and available. When the seating arrangement is done and ready for review by the client, you can print a Seating Chart by Table or Attendee in one quick step.
With EventPro Planner’s Tables & Seating Feature, seating plans are easy to arrange and easy to change. Take advantage of this great feature for your next event. To learn more about Tables and Seating, see Chapter 7: Manage Attendees, Tables and Seating in the EventPro Planner User Manual. If you do not own the Attendee Module and are interested in previewing its many great features such as Tables and Seating, contact our Sales department for a Free Demonstration. Call (306) 975-3737 (press 1 for Sales) or email Sales@EventPro-Planner.com today.

Software Update: Version 2.0

EventPro Planner Version 2.0 has been released! Because some areas of the program have been restructured and reorganized for enhanced performance, updating to EventPro Planner Version 2.0 requires you to contact Support at (306) 975-3737 (ext. 353 for General Support Inquiries) or Support@EventPro.net. You may be able to download the update immediately, or we may advise that you wait until certain events are completed before proceeding. If you answer 'Yes' to any of the following questions, it may be necessary for you to postpone the update:

  1. Have you imported any data yourself where the UniqueID fields may have non-hex values?
  2. Do you use booths? Booths are now linked to exhibitors instead of attendees and everything must be billed and closed off before upgrading.
  3. Do you have any external programs - i.e. Crystal reports, SQL Queries - accessing the data?
  4. Are you in the middle of an event? Any interruption would cause undue stress on your organization.
For further assistance with the Version 2.0 upgrade, contact EventPro Planner Support. Our valuable Software Updates are only available to customers with a current Upgrade Protection Plan. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at Sales@EventPro-Planner.com or (306) 975-3737 (press 1 for Sales) to find out how to reactivate your Upgrade Protection Plan.

Once you upgrade to Version 2.0, you will see that there are many new and exciting features. In particular, note that the Event Setup tab is now a button located in the upper right hand corner of the Event Maintenance screen. The separate EventPro Planner Bulletin detailing all of the features in Version 2.0 will be delivered to your Inbox later today.


Helpful Hint: How Do I Find a Record in the Find Window?

Q. How do I find a record in the Find window?

A: First, ensure that you are searching by the correct search term and that any relevant checkboxes are selected in the Find window. If that still does not work, you may not be searching under the correct column header in the selection grid. A selection grid is a table of columns and rows listing a variety of related records that you will see in many areas of EventPro Planner, including the Find windows.

Look for the small RED ARROW that appears in one of the column headers. EventPro Planner will search for records containing your search term in the column marked by the small red arrow. For example, if you want to search for a contact by Last Name in the Find Company/Contact window, click on the Last Name column header and enter your search term in the Search For field. Matching records – i.e. contacts with last names that contain your search term – will appear.
If you are viewing all records in the selection grid, you can re-arrange the grid and re-sort the records to make it easier to find one record. You can alter the horizontal positions of the columns by clicking and holding down the left mouse button on a column header, dragging the header horizontally to the right or left and releasing the mouse button to drop the column in the new position. You can alter the vertical sort order of the records by clicking on the column header by which you want to sort records (e.g. Last Name, Company Name, etc.). The red arrow in the column header indicates the sort direction. Click on the header a second time to reverse the order of the records. To sort by more than one column header, click on the header you want to sort by first. Then, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the additional headings in the order by which you want the records sorted.
To return to the default column order and sizes, click the small empty cell to the left of the title row and select Reset Grid Customization.

This is just one of many FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) included on our website.
Have a Question? Check out the FAQs. The answer you need may be just a click away!


Did You Know? Use Mail Merge to Promote Business

Did you know that you can use EventPro Planner’s mail merge feature to send a personalized Holiday Greeting to all of your business associates? Or a special promotion for all of your clients? It is so easy to do with EventPro Planner’s mail merge.

The key to directing mail merges to the correct recipients is properly categorizing your companies, contacts, attendees and/or exhibitors. For example, if you want to send a Holiday Greeting to your business associates, but not clients, you must ensure that the companies in your database have been correctly classified as Clients, Suppliers, Venues and/or Hotels, and, if you want to further sub-divide them, Categories and Sub-Categories. Then, you must create a Letter Template containing your holiday message, with appropriate merge fields that will pull in personalized information for each company, such as Company Name and the name of the main company contact. When you are ready to send the greeting, you can create a Company mail merge that uses a filter to find your business associates, i.e. the Suppliers, Venues and Hotels in your Companies/Contacts database. The merge fields in the letter template will automatically enter the appropriate information for each recipient, adding a personal touch to each letter.
You can also use the mail merge for quick and easy marketing promotions. Create a letter template for your promotion and send them to all of the companies classified as Clients in your database. Is the special promotion intended only for educational and non-profit clients? Simply set a filter to limit the recipients to the client companies that have been categorized as Educational or Non-Profit.
There are no limits to the kinds of communications you can send with the mail merge: attendee invitations, marketing promotions, client contracts, exhibitor confirmations, overdue invoice notices, holiday greetings, thank-you cards and much more. To learn more about all the different ways you can use EventPro Planner’s Mail Merge feature to send mass mailings with a personal touch, download the EventPro Planner User Manual at http://www.eventpro-planner.com/usersupport/manual/Manual.cfm and consult these sections:
Chapter 2: Companies/Contacts, Companies/Contacts Mail Merge

Chapter 7: Manage Attendees, Attendee Communications: Mail Merge

Use EventPro Planner with confidence and efficiency.
Learn what to do and why in the EventPro Planner Video Manual
or the EventPro Planner User Manual.


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