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Volume 2, Issue 4
October 2008

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This Issue:
What's New? EventPro Opens U.K. Branch
Feature in Focus: Budgeting Easy with the Right Tool
Software Update: Version
Helpful Hint: Re-allocate or Un-allocate Payments
Did You Know? Error Reports Analyzed by Real People

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What's New? EventPro Opens U.K. Branch

EventPro Software is pleased to announce the establishment of a new branch in the United Kingdom. From Bristol, England, the new branch will provide sales and support services for EventPro, EventPro Planner and PMXpert customers in the United Kingdom and Europe.

EventPro Software was originally introduced to England several years ago through a distributing company, but Steve Mitchell, CEO of EventPro Software, recently decided that head office was ready to take the reins. “It was time for us to take over EventPro operations in the U.K. so that our customers have direct access to EventPro Software’s expertise and customer care,” said Mr. Mitchell. “In addition to having knowledgeable employees based in England, the branch will be fully backed by the staff at our Canadian head office, who can share the experience gained from over twenty years in the software industry.” Mr. Mitchell also expects the new branch will be a base from which to pursue new business opportunities. “As EventPro expands into Europe, our U.K. branch will provide a more convenient access point for European customers,” said Mr. Mitchell.
Jane Boyle will be managing the new EventPro branch. Ms. Boyle brings to the company many years of experience in the hospitality industry. Since taking over management of the branch, she has been dedicated to caring for current customers and seeking additional staff members to assist with expanding EventPro’s presence in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Feature in Focus: Budgeting Easy with the Right Tool

A well-organized budget is a crucial part of organizing a successful event, but creating an event budget can be an overwhelming ordeal. Balancing income and expenses is difficult at the best of times, but it is particularly frustrating if you don’t have the right tools. Many event planners still toil through the process of keying income and expense amounts into outdated spreadsheets. In addition to the potential for error every time you type something, problems can result from broken links, different layouts in different documents, or multiple users saving different copies.

Why struggle with spreadsheets when you can streamline the budgeting process with EventPro Planner’s Budget Module? The Budget Module tracks revenue and cost items as you work, increasing the speed of data collection and eliminating errors.
To make data entry quick and easy, you can create Budget Templates for each type of event. With one click, you can copy a template into any event. Templates can easily be customized for a specific event by simply adding or removing categories or items.
As you add revenue and cost items to an event, the records contain Budget fields that reflect the categories and items you set up in your budget earlier. After you identify the price of the item, select the correct budget designation from the automatically generated drop-down list. EventPro Planner automatically populates the budget, compares the predicted budget to the actual, and calculates the percentage of the difference.
Don’t let an event’s budget run away on you! To learn more about the Budget Module, consult Chapter 6: Finance, Budget in the User Manual. If you don’t own the Budget Module, and want to see how it produces a more timely and accurate budget, contact our Sales Department for a Free Demonstration. Call (306) 975-3737 (press 1 for Sales) or email Sales@EventPro-Planner.com today.

Software Update: Version

To download the newest Software Update, log in to the EventPro Planner Support Website. Click on the Downloads tab and click on the EventPro Planner Install V2.0 ( link.

Software Updates are only available to customers with a current Upgrade Protection Plan. If your Upgrade Protection Plan has lapsed, contact our Sales Department at Sales@EventPro-Planner.com or (306) 975-3737 (Press 1). They can provide you with information on how to reactivate your Upgrade Protection Plan so that you can continue to get the maximum advantage out of EventPro Planner Software.
Do you want to know What’s New right now? Check for new updates or review previous updates at any time by selecting Help | What’s New in EventPro Planner.

Helpful Hint: Re-allocate or Un-allocate Payments

Q. How do I re-allocate or un-allocate a payment from an invoice?

A: First, find the payment that you have incorrectly allocated. Click the Edit button to the right of the selection grid to open the Payment window. Go to the selection grid in the bottom section of the Payment window. Click in a field under the This Payment column and type in the correct numbers.
For example, if you want to un-allocate a payment from an invoice, find the row that contains the invoice, click in the field under the This Payment column and type 0 (zero).
If you want to allocate more money to one invoice and less to another, first go to the invoice to which you want to allocate less, and type in the lesser number. Then go to the other invoice, and type in the larger number. This way, you will not over-allocate the payment and receive a warning.
When you are done editing the payment, click Save.

This is just one of many FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) included on our website.
Have a question? The answer you need may be just a click away!


Did You Know? Error Reports Analyzed by Real People

Did you know…that if you send error reports to EventPro Planner Support, they don’t just disappear into thin air? Those reports go to real people who want to help you! And you can help us help you as quickly as possible by following a few easy steps.

Error Message
If an error pops up in EventPro Planner, you should send the error report to our Support department immediately. Click the Email or Print button on the left of the pop-up. An Error Information dialog opens, in which you can enter a description of what happened. A Support Representative will actually read this explanation and try to re-create the error on his/her computer, so please give as much information as you can. For example “I clicked the Edit button” is not enough of an explanation. Describe the screen, tab and/or window that you are in, the button/tab you clicked, and what you were trying to do, i.e. edit an attendee, change the dates of an event, etc. Sending a screenshot is not necessary. When you are done, click OK to send the email or print the report. Remember, if you print the error report, you need to fax it to the Support Department at (306) 975-3739.
After you send the error report to Support, try to make the error occur again. Shut down the program and re-start it. Return to what you were doing and see if the error occurs. Also, if other people at your organization use EventPro Planner on other workstations, see if they get the same error when trying the same procedure. If the error occurs again, you can send the error report to Support a second time, explaining that you were able to duplicate the error after restarting the application. You do not need to send more than two error reports for the same error. A Support Representative will look at your case and contact you via phone or email as soon as possible.

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