EventPro Planner Connection

Volume 6, Issue 4
October 2012

What’s New: Online Training Workshops
Promotion: SQL Upgrade 30% Off
Profit Systems Inc. Welcomes You To Companies Joining Us
Question and Answer: EventPro Planner Reports
Did You Know? Negotiations Track Savings

What’s New: Online Training Workshops

You ask… we provide!  It’s been a request of many of our clients to take our online training... well… online.  We’re happy to announce that our first online training workshop, for our sister product EventPro Software, will be kicking off on October 3rd, 2012.  Our knowledgeable training staff are eager to bring this new service to EventPro Planner clients as well, so stay tuned for a EventPro Planner Software Online Training Workshop announcement.  We look forward to providing this new service to our clients.


Remember, changes such as this come directly from our clients.  Have a suggestion for us?  Let us know!  Support@eventpro.net

Promotion: SQL Upgrade 30% Off

The leaves are turning, the animals are hibernating, but your business is showing no signs of slowing down.  Do you need some extra speed this fall?


As your needs grow, EventPro Planner Software is here to help keep your event planning on track. But, as your network and database grow overtime, you may find slowdowns in data processing that can cause lag.  If you have experienced that dreaded “spinning hourglass” you can upgrade your system to EventPro Planner Enterprise Edition, and for a limited time save 30% off the upgrade price.


If you and several colleagues are using EventPro Planner at the same time, or if you have a database that is pushing the 2GB limit, you will maximize your efficiency by upgrading to EventPro Planner Enterprise Edition.  It has all the same great functionality you have become accustomed to, and more, but Enterprise Edition uses a SQL Database, which eliminates data corruption, reduces network traffic and, typically, increased the overall speed of the program!


Act now: before October 31st 2012

Speed up your process, maximize efficiency and save 30% - now that’s taking your event planning to a whole new level!

To request a discounted quote, email our Sales Department today at Sales@eventpro.net – or call (306) 975-3737 (Press 1) Quote Promo Code EPPNL1210).


*Conditions: This promotion only applies to current clients who have already purchased the software and have a valid UPP (Upgrade Protection Plan) contract. This promotion cannot be applied retroactively to previous purchases. It does not have cash value and cannot be combined with any other promotional or discount offer. No substitutions or transfer rights will be given. Promotion code EPPNL1210 must be quoted to receive this offer. Offer expires on October 31, 2012, at 5:00PM, CST
Profit Systems Inc. Welcomes You: To Companies Joining Us

Profit Systems Inc., parent company to EventPro Planner Software, would like to welcome all of the companies that have recently decided to partner with us:


Antrim Enterprise Agency
Wytheville Meeting Center
Ballina RSL                                        

All The Perks
Central European University
Wallops Flights Facility

Douglas County Fairgrounds
Fischer USA Stainless Steel Tubing
Mayborn Convention Center                                       
Reservoir Exploration Technology

North Byron Events

The Landings Yacht, Golf & Tennis Club


A big thank you to all of you for choosing Profit Systems Inc.! Is there something more that EventPro Planner could do for you? We want to hear from you! Perhaps there’s another department, division or sister company of yours that you feel could also benefit? Or, if you want to write extensively about how much you love EventPro Planner Software – that’s great too! We will be more than happy to hear from you either way.

Let us know what your EventPro Planner experience has been like. Write to Sales@eventpro.net.


Question and Answer: EventPro Planner Reports

Question: Can one report display different types of information, depending on selected options?


Answer: Yes, many reports have different options you can choose before printing the report.  For example, some reports, you can choose to view certain types of items or exclude other types of items. You can also filter many of the reports so that only certain records appear. If the report still does not display the exact information you want, reports can be customized to arrange the information in an unlimited number of ways (previous report-building experience required).


This is just one of many FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) included on our website.


Have a Question?  Check out the FAQs.  The answer you need may be just a click away!


Did You Know? Negotiations Track Savings  

Did You Know that you can use EventPro Planner Negotiations to track when event managers are able to save an event money? For example, your event manager booked 30 hotel rooms for an event, but instead of paying the rack rate or published rate of $195 per night, she negotiated a price of $150 per night, for a total savings of $1350. Record this negotiation in the Event | Finance | Negotiations for future reference.


To setup negotiations go to the Lookup Tables, select Setup | Lookup Tables from EventPro Planner's main menu. Create categories and add negotiation items to each category. Typically, you would record negotiations on big-ticket items like hotel rooms and venue locations. After you book an event these negotiation items will appear under the Event | Finance | Negotiation tab. You can then modify the price information for the items negotiated for this particular event.


For more information, refer to the EventPro Planner User Manual at Chapter 2: Setting Up EventPro Planner, Step 5: General Lookup Tables, Negotiations Type


Make the Most of Your Investment: Update Your Software

The latest software update, Version, is now available. Why bother updating your software?

With each new version, our developers add fixes, enhancements and new features that improve EventPro Planner's performance and functionality. If you've been lagging behind in your software updates, the New Year is a perfect time to get your software back on track!

To download the newest Software Update, log in to the EventPro Planner Support Website. Click on the Downloads tab and click on the EventPro Planner Install V2.4 ( link.

To access software updates, you must have a current Upgrade Protection Plan, a yearly contract that gives you access to software upgrades and updates, unlimited software support via email and phone, and more. If you need to reactivate your Upgrade Protection Plan, please contact our Sales Team for a reactivation quote at Sales@eventpro.net or
(306) 975-3737 (Press 1).  

If you want to hear about EventPro Planner Software Updates as soon as possible, follow us on Twitter @plannerupdates.